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About Varied / Artist Core Member Christian Blargen23/United States Groups :iconofcl-astronautical: OFCL-Astronautical
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If you're interested just leave a comment or drop me a note

If you do not have a DeviantArt account you can reach me at

I will draw anything!
-original characters
My only exception is full-out nsfw porn, as in as long as you don't have me drawing visible nipples and the like you're good. But sexed up characters are fine.

Here's my prices!!

20$ Single Character w/ Transparent Background

Cuter than ANNIEone Else! by BLARGEN69Mrs Suave by BLARGEN69Phil by BLARGEN69Rosie by BLARGEN691982-WELL F*CK YOU TOO! by BLARGEN691986-Mean Green Mother from Outer Space by BLARGEN69

**Extra characters for five dollars each


***Chibi Option!

Astronautical Crew Chibis by BLARGEN69

25$ Single Character with Simple Background

Bites the Dust-a by BLARGEN69ChOkInG HaZaRd!!! by BLARGEN69The Doctor Is In! by BLARGEN69[AT] Night of the Lepus by BLARGEN69[AT] Might As Well Jump by BLARGEN69Destoroyah of Worlds by BLARGEN69Der Happy Hippos by BLARGEN69

The extra character option applies here as well at five dollars per character added,
if they are simple (for example the Hippos above) I will probably add those in for free

35$ Single Character with Complex Background

We Have an I-Rex by BLARGEN69[AT] Totally BAAAAAdass! by BLARGEN69We're All Mad Here by BLARGEN69Monster Gurls!: 4-Naga by BLARGEN69[AT] What A Wonderful Night to Have a Curse by BLARGEN69


Examples with Extra Characters (5$ each) added

One Big Happy Family by BLARGEN69
[AT] Oh So Shotally Into You by BLARGEN69Hella Togetha by BLARGEN69When Hell Freezes Over... by BLARGEN69

45$+ Scenario

These are a bit harder to group together, but a Scenario generally means lots of characters with a complex background with a lot of interactivity,
it doesn't necessarily have to have a lot of characters however.
These are the works with the largest amount of effort put into them aside from comic pages
if you have a large idea in mind it probably falls under this, consult your idea with me for pricing

[AT] Operation O.W. by BLARGEN69Happy Free Candy Day!! by BLARGEN69[AT] Cash Clash by BLARGEN69A Match Made in the Heavens by BLARGEN69Together til theEND by BLARGEN69The Final Question... by BLARGEN69Bounty Hunters by BLARGEN69
Splendor of the Stripent by BLARGEN69Squalor of the Stripent by BLARGEN69


Willing to go very large, if you have compositions in mind such as these
we will negotiate a price

The Grand Tour by BLARGEN69Omae Umasou Da Na by BLARGEN69
To Far Away Times by BLARGEN69

Comic Pages - 60$ Per Page

Astronautical Episode 4- page 7 by BLARGEN69Astronautical Episode 4- Page 28 by BLARGEN69Astronautical Episode 4- Page 40 by BLARGEN69Astronautical Episode 4- Page 34 by BLARGEN69Astronautical Episode 4- Page 42 by BLARGEN69Bounty Blunder by BLARGEN69


As I stated before I am versatile and willing to do just about whatever it is you ask of,
that includes with style, for example I can do monochromatic which is an example
of something that would reduce the price of your commission

Amongst the Philth by BLARGEN69The Bledroom by BLARGEN69
Glitz n Glamour by BLARGEN69Crickety Choir Corps. by BLARGEN69

Fuyuko Pixel Gift by TuxedoLynx   Hi everyone!!!   Natsumi Icon by Nifffi! by BLARGEN69

Happy March!! I'm gonna start trying to do Feature Journals again!! I used to do them a lot before college/work started to make it harder to visit DA enough to find pieces for each month. But I'm gonna bring em back fo sure, 2017 WOO!! A few changes though, these will no longer be every month, and instead every TWO MONTHS!!

It's been a long long time since my last one, so to all my new fans these are always random!! I just share whoever and whatever caught my eye and I think deserves sharing! It'll be 40 pieces per feature, I always will share art made for me at the very top in it's own section.
Since it's been a long time though I'm going to dedicate this first one to just art made for me during the last six months!
Thank you EVERYONE!!! Thank you so much, friends, fans, all of you wonderful people here you guys mean the world to me and your support encouragement and kindness are what keep me going and doing what I do!! You guys rock, everyone please check out some of these awesome people!~
Cephie by Jelly-Filled-ZombiesSharon by Jelly-Filled-Zombies
[G] Dorks by Nifffi Cephie by Mergeritter! by BLARGEN69 [AT] Mari and Shizuka by Sapphlet
Cerina by Roroto531! by BLARGEN69
commission 144 by grimay[COM] 01x2 (+ speedpaint) by Nifffi
Sayu by Kiwifie! by BLARGEN69Garappa by PaintGhostGifty -- Cephie by Rizzy-Rizzy
:com: Sayu ! by MisterCakerzDuster by PaintGhostMs. Jyy'ny by CoonstitoGA: Fuyuko Yukikago by MrKenen
Pixel-peeps by Rizzy-Rizzy
Queenie by Grogglebox!! by BLARGEN69Hey, Wife [c] by eye-droolArt Trade by eye-droolQueenie by Grogglebox! by BLARGEN69
COM: Hanako by Materclaws Iko by BerryVerrine COM: Mel by Materclaws
Celestial by Kiwifie Serenity by rringabel
Blargen69 by akorhaphiFuyuko by Chromalav! by BLARGEN69Sayu by Grogglebox! by BLARGEN69~Angia~ by Frikkan
prize for kiriban 50000 by grimay commission 136 by grimay commission 137 by grimay
Fuyuko by OddVibe Happy birthday, Blargen!! by sanduckFuyuko by Jelly-Filled-Zombies
Episode 4 Astronautical Crew by OlGreenDommy! by BLARGEN69 C: BLARGEN69 by sanduckCaptain Cici by TuxedoLynx
Fuyuko by Materclaws[COM] Girlfriends (Speedpaint) by Nifffisayu [C] by Kurai-Buni
COM: Cephilia by Materclaws AT - Puraya and Natsumi by MidnightSoiree Princess Squish by ZantChanCOM: Sister Schara by Materclaws
Hanako by Lumdrop! by BLARGEN69 Fuyuko by Sapphlet Angia! by PaintGhost Tracie Nendoroid by BienThavin! by BLARGEN69
Astronautical x2 by OlGreenDommy Yasu [G] by Capn-CourageMolly Sketch by Paintghost! by BLARGEN69
Squish by Jelly-Filled-Zombies Hanako and the Kodama Girls by GuuGuuGuu! by BLARGEN69 Kodama Triplets by Mana-Chan! by BLARGEN69 Christmas Sharon by Jelly-Filled-Zombies! by BLARGEN69

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And read my webcomic, ASTRONAUTICAL!

  • Listening to: Blue Monday - New Order
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  • Playing: Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Favorite Zelda game?!?! 

24 deviants said Majora's Mask
22 deviants said Wind Waker
18 deviants said Other
13 deviants said Twilight Princess
6 deviants said Ocarina of Time
4 deviants said Link to the Past
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Christian Blargen
Artist | Varied
United States

★ Well Howdy there! My name's Christian Tyroch, but most call me Blargen. I'm an artist located in El Paso, Texas. I'm primarily a cartoonist and comic maker but I try to have versatility when it comes to my art and the mediums I use. My most personal project and the one you will see the most of is my comic series Astronautical, which you can read about further down the page.

☆ I'm very talkative and many say I talk TOO much, to them I say, you can never talk enough! I love reading and responding to comments more than anything and I try to make sure I respond to every one I receive, and more are ALWAYS encouraged. I've a busy life however and sometimes my inbox can really pile up so do not be offended if I take sometimes a day or two to get back to you. I'm very friendly always am willing to talk with just about anybody and am always looking for more friends!!

★ Art is my life I live and breath it, the same goes for my love of film and video games. My taste in both fields is extremely varied and ranges from the newest of each to the very early beginnings of film and interactive media history. I'm a lover of all genres and eras and am a huge film buff. My favorite film of all time is Jurassic Park. My favorite video games are all the Pokemon games; Emerald and Platinum being my favorites, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and Katamari Damacy! *v*

☆ I can be a pain and constantly spout trivia about just about anything. I am a huge lover of biology and the natural world. If you can't tell by now my interests are so totally varied that we're bound to have something in common, so enough about me, let's talk about you~ Shoot me a comment! I LOVE MAKING NEW FRIENDS

★ Thanks for your support and viewership it means the world to me! ☆

:icontumblrplz: You can find me on Tumblr!
:icontwitterplz: Also on Twitter!
:iconfacebooklogoplz: Like me on Facespace!

:icontradesask: Don't be afraid to ask me about ART TRADES!! ~



Astronautical is an original comic series created by me. Taking place in a universe stuffed to the gills with diverse alien races all inspired by the life of Earth's oceans. The comics follow the adventures of the five main characters which you can get to know a bit better if you follow the thumbnails below.
You can also check out the general Astronautical folder of my gallery by clicking the big "ASTRONAUTICAL" logo above!

You can also find the comics themselves in the folders below! Episode 5 is currently being uploaded weekly!!

Ep. 1:…

Ep. 2:…

Ep. 3:…

Ep. 4:…

Ep. 5:…

Astronautical Episode 1 Cover Redux by BLARGEN69 Astronautical Episode 2 Cover Redux by BLARGEN69 Astronautical Episode 2 Cover Redux by BLARGEN69
Girls! Girls! Girls! by BLARGEN69 Close Encounters of the Stupid Kind by BLARGEN69

It's a big universe out there teeming with all sorts of colorful and diverse alien species! You can get to know a few of them by checking out the Astropedia, an encyclopedia detailing the many alien races and species that make up my world. Follow the link to check out the Astropedia.…



:iconheribertomartinez: :icon7ix: :icondalittlewagh: :iconmanaspurt: :iconfroxalt:


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Springy-chan11 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017
Your style is just so amazing!! ✨
BLARGEN69 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017   General Artist
AH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I didn't realize you had a DA too, and that you watched me, thank you!! I know I said it already before but gosh your art's so cute, you draw very nice faces!
Manana-chan Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017
Found you!! (it's Mana from tumblr xD)
BLARGEN69 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017   General Artist
AH hello hello!!! I had no idea you had a DA too, good to know!!
Twinke-and-Zone-Co Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
Grrr, I wanted to do a silly thing for you, but I dunno how to make emotes, so here's my response to your last Metroid thing!… As you can see, a very excited one. <3
BLARGEN69 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017   General Artist
OH MY GOSH I wish I'd seen this sooner, I'm dying! XD He was born for this! Nightmeme
commandergrunt Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017
Hey you haven't ben on on discord for a while, ben busy?
BLARGEN69 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017   General Artist
YEAH I am a complete and total idiot and literally got my dates mixed up. I thought that my next Convention wasn't for like three more months then I found out literally less than two weeks ago that it's NEXT MONTH and I'm honestly scared to death and scrambling to do at least a fraction of all the things I had planned for prints and the table done within the amount of time I have left to be able to order them and make sure they'll arrive in time. XD So this entire month is just... Using what free time I get to churn out as many prints as I can, and keep up with Astronautical too of course gah! That's why my updates on it have been pretty all over the place lately pfft. AND ALSO WHY I'm literally never on anywhere lately, hoping things ease up after EPCON is over! I'm so stressed beyond belief, but so excited!! It's not my first con, but it's my first big one in a big city so it's a whole new experience for me...
commandergrunt Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
oooh, well i wish you the best of luck, im sure you'll do great! and look forward to seeing how that went and talkin to you more often after that!
Man, it's so good to see you drawing art stuff these days.  I keep worrying that school is choking the life out of you! ;XD (AndifitisthencomeovertoDiscordsoIcansharesomelifewithyou.;w; )
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